Now it all makes sense.

A sports career is not about the wins, the achievements,the records, the skills, the lights.

When it is all done, it comes down to all the situations I had to go through to be what I became.



A unique collection that aims to motivate all those living an athletic life.
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As a former professional basketball player and pure shooter specialist I am providing targeted shooting training to seasoned and aspiring basketball players. The program is designed to enhance your shooting skills while fostering a winning mindset, gain confidence, focus, and the ability to thrive under pressure.


Athlete Legacy is my athlete life mentoring program for athletes seeking to live up to their full potential both on and off the sports field. Providing solutions to retired athletes seeking balance with their post-sports transition.
Are you up to the challenge of being the best you?

The Athletic approach to life is the stance that although we will eventually end our sports career, we can take the lessons out of it to achieve our personal greatness and live a meaningful life.